Sekiguchiryu Battou-Jutsu

Please Note:  the photograph above is Kurou-mon the black gateway, to the historical birthplace of Sekiguchiryu Battoujutsu in Japan,

on the famous Mt. Atago- just outside of Kyoto City as according to Ancient legend.

Please note: Old School Koryu Bujutsu Tradition

"All new students undergo a 12 month Probationary period"

This is to assess a new person's suitability into tradition of Sekiguchiryu Battou-Jutsu. 

Prior to an offer of acceptance from the Sensei on behalf of Shihan Yamada Toshiyasu. 

"Mon-jin" translated as "person at the gate" 

"a hopeful person wishing to become initiated into the Ryu traditions."

Once a student is considered a Monjin; then our Sekiguchi Ryu insignia Kamon/Crest 

can be attached and worn. Only a Monjin can be receive rank validation certificate 

in the "Menkyo" 免許 Grade system is retained from Feudal days gone by of the Samurai. 

This process helps ensure the quality of it's members and overall reputation within the Koryu community, Successful students should feel a sense of accomplishment. 


THURSDAY EVENING = times 18:15 hrs

We commence training

SUNDAY MORNINGS = times 08:15 hrs.

We commence training 08:30 hrs.

Please bring your own waterbottle & insect repellent, 

if necessary also own sunscreen is encouraged.

"Only if we can arrange it prior to Sunday."

I can meet you at Ferry terminal on Russell Island 

0800 hrs or before no problem.

Training fees are payable
1st Sunday of each month. $60.00


Insurance & public liability policy and is compulsory 

it needs a photo of you supplied by you; 

it must be of passport size for the A.J.J.A.

Student for 1 year coverage. $40.00 

Uniforms & Equipment Purchased 

direct from Japan keiko-gi top & hakama pants 

with 関口流抜刀術 梟道場 embroidery. 

Depending on your prefered option
Upwards. $150.00

Japanese white oak wooden Bokken. $85.00

Plastic case Saya. $30.00

Please note:- the following:All prices are subject to currency exchange rate at the time of transaction this cannot be avoided.