Our Australian Branch Honbu Dojo is named Fukurou



Fukurou means Owl in Japanese, it includes 

the word fuku 福 meaning "luck" it was linked 

with good-fortune.

 Apart from a symbol of luck, the owl protects against suffering and hardship, because fukurou can be written as the following translation.

不苦労 as well - fu means "no" and kurou means "hardship, suffering". like most Japanese words there are of-course other translations, with alternate meanings. 

Well, Owls aren't just for luck in Japan. In different parts of the World, a variety of attributions have been given to owls, mainly as a guiding bird, a bird which could predict the weather, magic and wizardry.

However, sadly many of those original folktales seems to have gradually vanished. 

Since the Meiji Restoration in 1868 when Japan opened its doors to the West, the image of the owl has also changed, and the view on owls as a symbol of wisdom & education has also become prominent. 

Today beliefs in lucky charms, for good fortune & protection against hardship, co-exist in an unusual and yet interesting mix, old world and new-modern world can still be discovered,co-existing in today's Japan. Therefore through our traditional training methods, a student learns to protect their mind, body and spirit.


* Owls are Territorial / Samurai protect land of their lord; including the land awarded to them and their Clansmen.

* Are generally solitary and nocturnal / Samurai night time operations. Owls like Samurai can operate individually or as a team.

* Pin point accuracy / Samurai train themselves in military arts to pin point accuracy.

* They are a apex predator top of the food chain / Samurai were top elite class of society in the feudal system.

* Razor sharp talons that crush the skulls of their prey / Samurai collected heads of their enemy.

* They use their beaks to tear flesh / Samurai always wore Two swords at their side also they carried Hashi-chopsticks to eat with in their jacket sleeves.


* They are meat eaters males eat first / Samurai men of old Japan always eat first then children then wife gets to finish leftovers, it is because the Father fights to protect his Family.

* They observe their prey silently from a distance before making a attack / Samurai battle strategy.

* Their texture / puff their feathers to blend into their environment / Samurai battle strategy 

- think old style Japanese straw raincoats.

* They are masters of camouflage and invisibility / Samurai battle strategy.

* Their hunting strategy is stealth and surprise / ambush this is a Samurai battle strategy your enemy cannot kill what he cannot see.

* Binocular vision owls can see in daylight and night -time also their vision is extremely Focused / Samurai human state - Zanshin.

* Binaural hearing both owls and Samurai listen attentively to scan their environment for threat / Samurai human state situational awareness.

* Owls have the ability to shape-shift in size and appearance depending on the threat level when challenged / Samurai human state simply adjust their composure in a similar way when they feel threaten by aggression.        

* Few egg from 1 to 12 in their nest / Samurai Koryu Bujutsu Old Martial arts Schools have few students and are rather secretive in nature.

* Owls adopt a upright position meaning they walk upright on two legs; like Samurai / human state both owls and Samurai display courage openly.

Owls are a reliable indicator for science / healthy & well balanced, Eco-system environmentally.


Born in 1980 Aaron McGlade 忠久 (Tadahisa) Sensei 

has trained in the Martial arts more than 30 years.

He begun Martial Arts Training at a extremely early age in order to help him recover from cancer  

(acute lymphoblastic leukemia).

Which was taught to him by his mother, as she studied 

Goju kai karate Yamaguchi style from this early introduction to the Martial arts grew a love for Japanese arts & culture.

In 1987, however he started Tae kwon do 

Training then continuing to learn other modern martial arts 

Gendai modern sport systems:

Free style Mixed Martial Arts

Traditional Karate

Kendo Renmei 

Bujinkan organisation for some 25 plus years.

All of which, he felt lacked a true connection, 

to the Ancient Samurai Military Arts of old Japan.

Before finally meeting with Shihan Yamada Toshiyasu and embracing a legitimate Tradition of Samurai Koryu Bujutsu School - Sekiguchiryu Battou-Jutsu

Developing close bonds with his teacher,

he travels often to Japan to further enhance his understanding of Japanese Bushido.


Mr Aaron McGlade currently is responsible

Sekiguchiryu Battou-Jutsu in Australia & Oceania 

Region on behalf of Shihan Yamada Toshiyasu. 

Other Sekiguchiryu Dojo branch members, are located in Russia, Serbia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Indonesia, with the main Global Headquarters located in Gifu, Japan.

Sensei McGlade is a former Serviceman who has served in the Australian Defence Force - Veteran

THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY  (Active Service).

For a period of 10 years between 2001 - 2011. 

RAINF 6 years as Soldier within the Infantry  


RAAC. 4 years as Reconnaissance Cavalry Scout

In 2013, he attained an "Diploma of Education" 

from Charles Sturt University.


He has worked in numerous civilian security operations in various States around Australia, and has undertaken a variety of specialist taskings within this industry - 17 years experience.

Endorsed Body-Guard VIP Escort

Aviation Protection Officer 

Crowd Controller

Security Officer